About the photographer

The most caring portrait photographer in Ukraine Victoria Savostianova welcomes you!

My goal is to give away joy, colorful memories and to share inner happiness. I like to search for the sincerety in people, to take live, emortional photographs of children and adults – in the way their beloved see them; to discover inner sun in every person.

I love traveling, knowing people from all over the world, communication, emotions, details – all sides of life. I see that life is beautiful, joyful, and try to show it to others. I want to show everyone that they have this special beauty, huge sunny world inside which shoudn’t be hidden behind complexes, but should be shown to the world. If someone starts seeing the world in more joyful way after my photoshoot I am happy!

      • Photography exhibition “Smiles times”, Kiev, Ukraine, 2011
      • Photography exhibition “Spring. Woman. Mother” Kiev, Ukraine, 2011
      • Exhibition of children photos in “Coffee House” Kiev, 2011
      • Personal photoexhibition “In the world’s eyes”,  restaurant “Dark Side”, Kiev, 2012
      • Personal photoexhibition “In the world’s eyes” at the Warm Christmas Fair, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kiev, 2012
      • Teaching photography in summer camp for teenagers “School of success” by the Klitchko Charity Foundation, Ukraine, 2013-2014
      • Teaching individual and group photography classes for beginners – Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, since 2015 года
      • Founder of teaching photography course for handmade, since 2015
      • 2017 год – regular photosessions in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland)

You can buy my photoprints, postcards online here – FineArtAmerica and ArtFlakes.


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