Transformational photoshoots

My name is Victoria Savostianova

I am a professional photographer from Ukraine, Kyiv. I have been capturing portraits since 2009

I invite you to a transformative portrait photoshoot

This is a photoshoot during which you have the chance to see yourself from a different perspective, to discover new facets of your beauty and personality that you may not have noticed or valued before.

The photoshoot takes place with an “open-hearted approach”, where you are loved and accepted, making it easier to open up and reveal those aspects that may have wanted to express themselves for a long time.

For some, it might be their inner fire and passion, for others – tenderness and sensibility, and for some – strength and courage. Often, there are multiple facets, different and even contrasting, captured in photos from a single session.

You don’t need to be someone special or unique for this photoshoot.

Come as you are right now.
Together, we will explore and discover what wants to come to light.

To support you on this journey of self-exploration, we will have a separate session of embodiment coaching with somatic practices before the photoshoot. It will help you reconnect with your body, your soul, and bring forth what wants to manifest during the shoot.

Then, a stylist will assist you in selecting clothing that matches the state you’ll uncover within yourself. This will be done through an online consultation.

Next, I will help you choose a location for the shoot, and if you prefer a studio setup, I can provide studio options.

The photoshoot itself will last for an hour, and it will be an incredible journey into self-discovery. As a result, you’ll receive a beautiful photobook that can become a resource in your life moving forward.

If you are looking for your place in the world, want to reconnect with your soul, or wish to see what you haven’t seen within yourself before – come.

Let’s embark on this journey together with great love.

Adult Portrait

What: Portrait photoshoot in any style we will choose together before the session. This can also be a photoshoot for your business, showcasing your personality to the fullest.

Where: Studio of your choice, city streets, cafes, parks

For more examples, please see my portfolio

Tell me about your desires, and I will help you turn your dream into reality!

Portrait Photoshoot

  • Online session with somatic practices
  • Online consultation with stylist for outfit and accessories selection
  • 1-hour photoshoot
  • One to two outfits
  • 35 edited photos of your choice
  • All photos in full resolution on a flash drive
  • GIFT: Incredible photobook 20×20 cm, 10 spreads

    from €300

    I’m Interested!

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